Understanding how Reiki works and what to expect from a session

Reiki transfers through a person by a laying-on of hands or slightly above various energy centers and the body, or it can be given through a distant method which is equally powerful. The Reiki practitioner having received the proper initiations from a Reiki master, serves as a vessel that supplies healing energy to the recipient, working to heal in the highest priority needed for lasting results. Reiki dissolves blocked energy on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to improve or aid one’s innate natural ability to heal. Every time you come in for a Reiki session another layer of blocked energy will be brought to the surface to heal, like peeling away an onion, as the saying goes. Reiki can be used for balancing, de-stressing, decreasing symptoms or alleviating pain from illness, surgery or injury. It is quite relaxing and detoxifying, so be prepared to take a nap and drink extra water after a session.

Reiki is channeled through the practitioner, then through the practitioner's hands with its powerful, mysterious intelligence. The practitioner does not guide or control the energy, but can create a more effective session through certain techniques. The practitioner employs extremely gentle, slow movements between hand placements. He/she creates a peaceful environment, as well as aims to provide a compassionate ear. The practitioner pays attention to the energetic blocks, releases, balancing and levels of absorption that is happening during a session, and takes notes after a session in order to see changes from session to session, sharing the healing results with the recipient.  You will have the opportunity to share your healing goals. 

Reiki is an effective, safe, integrative, harmonious form of energy medicine that can combine with any other modality for healing. It is not a replacement, however, to medical care, nor can it be used to diagnose. Reiki can speed up recovery times for medical procedures, surgeries, illnesses and injuries.​ Reiki energy healing will be an amazing and powerful tool in your holistic tool box.
Procedure for a Reiki Treatment
Recipients are fully clothed on a massage table, under a blanket. It is advisable to remove jewelry and wear comfortable clothing. The practitioner gently places hands along specific areas of the body that correspond to major organ and lymph systems.  Hands remain in one position for 3-5 minutes or until the practitioner is signaled to move on by a decrease in energy felt under their hands. There are 12 basic hand positions. An extra placement is also given for any area that needs attention outside of these usual placements.
What you might experience during a session
During a treatment, the practitioner's hands may become very warm from the Reiki energy flowing through. Your body temperature may fluctuate during a session due to energy absorption. Your experience during a treatment can go from soothing to deeply relaxing. What's needing to be addressed may have many layers, like an interconnected web of cause and affect. When blocked energy is dissolved the recipient may start to feel the energy much deeper within. People sometimes will fall asleep during a session as Reiki places you in the alpha state so it can do its most important work. You might see different colors that reflect a chakra opening up. Reiki is always working for you for your highest good. 

For a particular issue, such as a physical injury, trauma, or chronic emotional problem, it is recommended to receive a series of treatments, each treatment in close proximity to the next. You can combine hands on and distant treatments throughout your series, so that what's starting to heal doesn't settle back into one system and to promote as much healing as possible for a given situation. For a common need such as relaxation and stress release,  you can come in at random intervals based on the need for rejuvenation and the pleasurable relaxation that comes from this practice. 

A full hour Reiki treatment includes 12 basic hand positions starting at the head including both the front and back of the body. Light touch is used, making Reiki ideal for treating all ages and conditions. For areas that are recovering from injury or surgery, the hands can be placed slightly above. Reiki automatically flows to where the imbalances are in your body regardless of where the practitioner's hands are placed.
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