Distant Reiki
Distant Reiki is a powerful way to receive Reiki. Reiki practitioners incorporate the Reiki symbols to administer Distant Treatments.
It is effective over any geographic location or time zone,
as it is not subject to the normal constraints of time or space. 

Added benefits of Distant Reiki:
• Distant Reiki helps you relax and heal during any occasion -
surgery, childbirth, job interviews, court hearings, performances and all other situations.
• Distant Reiki is also used to clear homes, land, office buildings and other places. 

• A Distant treatment can be provided to help bring clarity to and mend any situation, in addition to relationships.
• With a distant treatment, Reiki goes through the energetic system before the physical body, so it can go wherever it's needed within your energetic system first to remove blocked energy. 
• If you are bed-ridden, unable to travel, on a time constraint, even PMS, etc, Distant Reiki can be a really great option for you. 
• Animals and children are really good recipients for distant reiki since they can have trouble being still. 

How to receive a Distant treatment:
• Allow for 1 hr for your Distant Treatment. If you can, be free from distractions. 
• Whether you're resting or active, Reiki is always working to heal on all levels.

• Upon treatment completion, a full report of your healing outcome will be sent to you via email.

To schedule a Distant Reiki Treatment,
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