Why I practice Reiki
Reiki Lauren Grosskopf

​Reiki Alliance
Second Degree Reiki Practioner

​​​Reiki heals on all levels and addresses issues that ​perhaps you may not even be aware of.

I pursued Reiki because I found it alluring that I could help myself and others in ways that I hadn't realized were possible. Reiki allows me to feel a deep peace and relaxation I feel very fortunate to experience. It can feel warm and peaceful beyond normal worldly energies. Reiki helps me fall asleep, relieves discomfort from hip impingement when my hips act up and it calms me when I am anxious. With parents in psychiatry, social work and public defending, I come from a background that fostered me to be a compassionate and empathetic  listener. 

I took First Degree Reiki from Diane Larson, Reiki Master,  Seattle City Reiki , and the most incredible person and teacher, in October 2013. I got initiated as a Second Degree Reiki practitioner by Diane Larson in March 2015, which allows me to provide Distant Reiki Treatments for people, animals, situations, places and homes.

Reiki is meditative, healthy and uplifting for all involved. I love the feeling in my hands as Reiki pours through to another, especially when it's really needed. I love how content people look after, with smiles and gratitude, so relaxed and refreshed. I continue to be amazed at the affect it has on others, with disappearing headaches, decreasing symptoms of PMS, illnesses and pain from injuries, and a general releasing of stress and anxiety. I feel very fortunate to be able to give Reiki to friends, family, pets and clients. I think that everyone should try it! Everyone deserves an experience of both how wonderful it feels and how much healing it can bring. I recommend Reiki to anyone and everyone!

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I am also available for graphic design.
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Lauren Grosskopf
​Second Degree Reiki Practioner

West ​Seattle, Wa
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